A great way to work

People often don’t realize that that working from home doesn’t reduce productivity but increases it. There is no office clutter to bother you and you can get great creative ideas without being constantly disturbed. You will have much time in your hands as there is no getting ready or commuting time included. Hence more work can be done. Working from home has now many takers. It is such a great option for people who live quite a distance from the office and people who have other personal commitments. There are many benefits of working from home:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduces stress
  • Saves time, money and energy
  • Avoids pollution
  • Can give more time to the work in hand
  • Can stay focussed

There are many more such benefits. The use of technology and the internet services allows us to be in touch with the base any time and clarify doubts and go through other things that need your attention when you are working from home. You can attend conference calls when dealing with clients. There is added advantage to your health as you will not end up eating junk food and home cooked meals are at your end.

The jobs which are home working kind

The tech and web-based jobs are usually looking for people who could just put some hours from home and they have a virtual office. They will be working on project basis and sometimes outsource to free lancers who work from home. Or they have employed people, but they need have an office and they all work from home. The constant connection can be established with the help VPN networks, video chats and various other avenues to connect and network with people all over the world and not just meet them up in an office.

Why its needed by the companies

The job attrition rate is high in the tech field and hence they face shortage of manpower, the concept of working from home works great for them and to up the talent pool which sometimes gets lost due to other commitments can work from home and be productive to the company and themselves. It is already aware that the work done is on computers especially the tech field, so the online work is thus more too. The location of the individual is irrelevant and the work that is produced and the profit earned is more held into perspective than anything else.

Benefits for the employer

The employees will take lesser leaves and holidays. There will be less infrastructure to provide for as there is no physical office to pay rents and other overheads associated with it. There will less of office talk and more work done hence productivity is increased. They could employ people from vastly different geographical locations which would definitely not possible to get all of them under one roof.