Free dating apps – features that make it unique

In the recent years there have been so many dating applications that have been doing the rounds online that it is not just difficult but confusing as well to choose a right one for you. Free Dating app and flirt chat is worth mentioning among several of those apps for some of its outstanding features, ease of use and certainly since it is absolutely free to use. It requires Android 4.0 and up and already has over 50, 00,000 installations. The most convenient feature of the application is that the user does not even require an email id to register for it which means one will not have to make a new id altogether to start with the application, in case they do not have one.

Features of the free dating and flirt chat application

  1. This exciting best dating chat app is absolutely free to use and the registration does not even require an email id.
  2. The application does not have any in-app purchases or credits that are hidden.
  3. You can get quick profile information and look for your favorite profile and start chatting instantly. It does not involve any complicated formats or conditions to find out a suitable match for you.
  4. Once you register for the application, you are absolutely ready to use all its features almost immediately and completely.
  5. It will allow you to access and meet all the men and women in your area after you start using the application.
  6. When you register and update your profile, you can use this application and see the distance between you and all your potential single matches in kilometers.
  7. You can start sending the messages to the people of your interest almost instantly.
  8. One of the most exciting features of the application (which is not available in several other applications) is that it allows an easy check of the profile visits, i.e. the user can see who all have visited their profile.
  9. The application also allows for a good chat overview. At any point of time, you can go back and check all your previous chats and conversations with any of the member of the application.

If you are convinced that the application has all the features that can make you help your perfect date, friend or an individual to chat, wait no longer and download this absolutely free to use dating application on your mobile!

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